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More 'bout me

Well it seems that many of you live journal cats got fancy pictures of yo'self but a brutha like me is to dang cheap (struggling student in NYC need i say more) to buy a digital camera or any camera for that matter. And I do think that being that this is my journal I should then at least have a sipple decription of who Blackmale is so here goes:

--About Me:
I stand five feet ten inches tall, just slightly over the norm, but my height is the only thing close to average about me. My hair, head and facial, is close cropped and lined up, or at times scruffy depending on how I feel or what kind of week I am having (ya`know how it is). My laid-back demeanor seems to exude from my pores, like a pheromone scented fragrance, intoxicating all those around me. Do not let my chill vibe fool you, for beneath this exterior lays a mind, serious and calculating. My dark brown eyes, windows to my soul, are always deep in thought. These eyes have seen so much, and if experience could manifest itself into physical form they would be sculpted in its very image: two pools of knowledge set adrift in a sea of chocolate brown skin. Smooth medium-dark, complexion, and a face possessing features not wholly African, as I am a product of miscegenation as most of us are, but discernable deep within is a noble pride that is very possibly begotten from African royalty of a period long ago. From where exactly I will never know, for that wasstolen from me. My Body shaped in a nice medium build, though not the stature of an Adonis it is fit and healthy. What I am lacking in physical strength, my strong moral character and an inner strength make up for. I know the difference between right and wrong, though maintaining a morality and integrity in this unjust world is an effort many have long since forsaken. This is who I am, accept me as I am, for I will neither bend nor allow my self to be molded into another`s image; I reserve the right to be the creator my own identity and shaper of my own destiny.
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