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‘Sup folks this is blackmale, welcome to my world. I am new to this whole live journal thang so cut a brutha sum slack till I get the hang of it. Feel free to add me on your friends list and I will reciprocate the luv (at sum point). A little about me: I am that chill type-o-cat, whose interests vary, spanning an eclectic assortment of activities, ranging from spending a quiet day in a museum to partying to the sun comes up in a club. I am a well balanced individual who likes to surround himself with others who are open-minded and positive in their attitude. So, I invite y’all into my life as it unfolds in the
forthcoming entries of my online journal. I am excited about the possibility to tap into a network that brings together a vast and diverse group of people from all around the country and possibly beyond.

Entry 1:

There are momentous in everyone’s life when suddenly one is forced to reassess the direction one is currently heading, resulting in either a change direction or reaffirmation of the original course and an intensified momentum. I found myself in such a pivotal crossroads in my life a few months ago. For nearly five years I have been living and studying in Boston, at one of the many local universities. I found myself suddenly embarking on my senior year in college, and completely confused as to how the year
seemed to simply fly by, as if mere seconds. In my mind I felt as if I had just started this great journey that was now nearing its culmination in some strange cultish ceremony, filled with freakish fanatics dressed in multicolored robes, tediously long chants, and ridiculous ritualized processions, all for some precious scroll of paper. The day came
and went and then that question began to haunt me: “So what are you going to do next?” It seemed as if every time I bumped into someone I knew that question would come up, and it began to torment me. I began to just lash out with the cutting blade of sarcasm, a weapon and skill I honed during the traumatic teens years: “I am going to travel around
the world selling philosophy door to door, and possibly bumper stickers, but I haven’t quite worked out all the detail yet!” Well the look on their faces filled me with all the satisfaction I need to maintain my sanity until, the next flood of incessant questioning. I could stay in Boston, a city in which I was increasingly tiring of, or leave the city and try something new. I decided that a change in location would be good, but I also felt that a much deeper change was due. I began to look into the grad programs and applying for those in which I felt that I could commit to. After grueling application process and some last minute maneuvering, things began to fall into place. Now here I am in the Big
Apple, the NYC, a new city a new school and a whole new set of challenges and experiences waiting for me out that door.
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