blackmale (blackmale) wrote,

Let us not forget!!!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving; I most definitely did because I find that being surrounded by friends and family to be one of the greatest things ever. Yet there is the other side to Thanksgiving. It is hard, to think back and truly ponder what such a day commemorates: the rape, pillage, thievery, and decimation of an entire land and people. How many of us had a moment of silence or at the very least a brief pause in recognition of the many Native Americans who's lives, lands, families, societies, and cultures were savagely taken from them. If you did not then let us now take a moment, not only for the Native American cause but for all groups and individuals who have been persecuted, oppressed, exploited, discriminated against, murdered, lynched, etc. For it is through this psychic, physical, and cultural violence that America was forged, let us not forget and be doomed to relive such travesties.
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